31 Third Street, Savanna, IL

815-273-4726 or 815-590-6161

email: bill@grannyoneils.com

Our B & B is a modern 105 year old Brick home that is tastefully decorated with
antiques and collectables.

We are located just off of Main Street in Savanna, Illinois.
Located across from the Great Mississippi River.

We are open year round.

Check out
our "Rooms" & "GuestHouse" pages for our

We are within a short walking distance
from the Mississippi River, the marina,
the bike trail, and the Savanna Downtown Business district. We are 5 minutes from Mississippi Palisades State Park.

We feature the finest food in Savanna. Our breakfast is built around what your favorites may be. Fabulous lunches or evening meals available upon request.
(See our Menu page)

We can comfortably accomodate up to 14 guests.

A great place for friends and family to meet!

Give me a call or email me to assist in planning your next getaway.

Bill Lease, Innkeeper

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